The images below are from various events I would like to share of my very fortunate and happy life.

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- Glenn Rivera



Mr. John Hedges, Paul Parker and Ken Crivello

Left to right: Mixie (Mixie's Boy Bar - Palm Springs), Chev, friend, John Hedges, Cynthia Manley and Mr. Paul Parker)

Mr. Paul Parker with his gold hit, "Right On Target"

Recent picture of myself and our English Bulldogs, "Disco" and "Boogie".

Michael Roy's 40th Birthday was "A Grand Masquerade Ball" held at Cypress View Mausoleum - at one point of this spectacular event this past Febraury I had flashes of lifes awesome power and placement. I was very lucky to have been apart of this wonderful event.

Pride 2005 - Promoted a club performance with Cynthia Manley of Boystown Gang - see for images

Dale Switzer and myself at Pride 2005

At Cynthia Manley's birthday on January 29th -
Pattie Brooks and Cynthia - 2 of the great disco divas and wonderful ladies!

The late Felix Prince (
- the houseman, soulman and great influence in my music and personal world! Prince reined at Rich's in San Diego, CA back in 1990's and was the only disc-jockey who knows his soul and disco roots!

Myself as a executioner and my partner, Ken Emmons as "The Black Knight" at "A Grand Masquerade Ball"

Glenn Rivera and partner, Ken Emmons:
Some people feed creativity. Ken allows me to use my heart and soul to build my dreams and desires in a healthy and resourceful manner.

Probably around 16 years of age back in 1977 spinning at a function where I was probably thinking about the moment when I could write this.

Left: Glenn, Roy (friend) and Donna
In 1987 I had the opportunity to meet Donna Summer at one of her gallery shows here in Old Town, San Diego.
She was truly a very gracious woman - kind and so friendly!
Hail to the Queen Of Disco!

Relaxing in San Diego - the great secret about this beautiful city is out.
Growing up here was a wonderful experience.
a lot of my time growing up was spent outdoors at
parks like Presidio Park in San Diego.

My music room in the 80's was definetely the record store approach to getting music in peoples minds.

It was great to have a family that was also an instant dance floor whenever I was out polishing up my mixes with the latest music!

Taking a moment to look up to the dancers who make it all possible - endless energy is the motivation behind "disco" music. Is love the second? Yes.

Creating a new wave of blending with CDs and the wonderful technology that can bring our hearts closer in so little time.

Back in the 80's leaving for the turntables at the club.

Gay Pride in San Francisco in 2001

70's party: "137 - Disco Heaven" for Gary Norton back in 2001 was a great time to dress and play 70's all over again!

Back at The Brass Rail with Tony Fukushima

Focus, focus, dance!

(left) A photo of me at age 3- probably looking for something to do (right) building a snow man at the age of 5