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"Fess Up To The Boogie"
- Gregg Diamond's

Gregg Diamond's masterpiece disco LP contained some of the most incredible and funky arrangements with a disco flair. This single has it all. Listen closely as Diamond displays his fantastic productions values.

"Everybody's Dancing All Over The World"

Busta Jones can be heard on Bombers' "(Everybody) Get Dancin'" single and LP - this album gave Jones the opportunity to take his magnificent and soulful vocals to the hilt. Gino Soccio provides the incredible synthesizer rifts and hand clap tracks.

"Glad To Know You"

When disco was creating a pop sound for a new time period, artists like Chaz Jankel pulled it together continuing to use cleaver synthesizer rifts and an enhanced break. This is a classic on it's own terms.

"Let Them Dance"
- D.C. LaRUE

Disco music at it's best. This pumping number has every element which made disco fun and exciting. The campy overtones of D.C.'s vocals create a playful pen for the production. Bob Esty arranged this great piece.


Disco moved into a new sound with more techno-keyboards during the early 80's. Thank goodness the Italian producers knew that fantasy and escape were still acceptable. The outline of this tune are the "I Feel Love" synth-outlines - but it still contains an original sound which was to become the Italo Disco sound.

"Keep It Together"

Giorgio not only conquered the underground disco sound with "From Here To Eternity", he also lit the fire to a more pop and upbeat sound with this experimental LP with Chris Bennet (the second Munich Machine project vocalist). This piece from the LP medley is smooth and sweet. It hints at Giorgio's arrangement becoming more definitive as disco.

"Who Found Who"

With his training from the music of the late-70's, John Jellybean Benitez took to the floor with his own style of keyboard driven dance music. His style was definitely New York street, but always effective.

"Rock It"

This gem is a disco excitor. Who cannot say that when the male whisper, "Rock It!" was first heard that they did not feel the energy that was intended? And the vocals of Cynthia Johnson and those magnificent strings? Let's just say that the time before was rehearsal for a perfect sound!

"Black Leather"

Who did not know Miquel Brown following "So Many Men, So Little Time"? Let's just say that anything that followed was well enough to set any stage. Miquel whips this number out with enthusiasm and flair. The keyboards and effects add to her excitement.

"After Dark"

A classic by any means!
This song pulls together what disco means. It should be listed under the listing in any dictionary. The production and arrangement can be hailed as the best. Each percussion track is placed in it's proper place and brings Pattie's wonder vocals soaring into a fantasy-like playground.

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"You Got The Love"

The best of the originals: Candi Staton brings to life the house/dance arrangement of this cut. It is now a house music classic, but it has every element of disco with it's slick arrangements and leaves a lasting impression. I believe it will continue to resurface through many future periods.

"Disco Kicks"

Another great club anthem! This one is a San Francisco produced club tune which Bill Motley brought alive a percussion driven instrumental with old-style disco vocals which featured Lauren Carter and Jo-Carol Block or Jo-Lo Fame. This is another hit which signaled the re-surgance of disco music in the early 80's.

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